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It's one thing for us to share what we believe in and another to highlight the stories of the lives of the families we've impacted. We've collected a library of stories from some of our clients' experiences in using HeartStrings Midwifery.


Jennie N.

      "All in all, we have the "what happens when something goes wrong and you're not at the hospital" birth story, but with the savvy and knowledge of our incredible midwife Lincey, we were able to have a very happy ending with our baby boy."

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Kristina P.

      "I have always admired women who had 'natural births', and honestly did not think that I was strong enough to go through with it, but 2020 changed everything. We decided that the best place to have our baby was in our home and Lincey gave me the all of the confidence and support that I never even knew I needed. From pregnancy to postpartum, we felt so safe and taken care of!" 

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Jessica C.

Lincey was loving and supportive though my entire pregnancy. When the big day came, Lincey let my body guide the birth, as she offered strength and encouragement.

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Brooke M.

      "During every appointment Lincey was so eager to hear how I was doing. She sincerely cared about my baby and me. I did not feel like just another patient, I felt like her sister or friend."

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Emily V.

"The birth was a very quick one and involved Lincey jumping into the back of our car to deliver our baby the moment we pulled into the birthing center. She kept me, the husband, very calm during the whole process. She gave me the support and encouragement I needed to get my wife safely to the birthing center when labor was progressing much quicker then we anticipated."

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Karlee G.

""I can’t say enough great things about how fantastic Lincey is. When we first started searching for a midwife, she was one of very few of many that I contacted that was prompt to reply, didn’t have a lot of issues with her site, etc. Just a very professional, easy first impression."

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