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Testimonials Continued...

Jessica C

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"As I learned from my second round of IVF, the providers you surround yourself with make a HUGE difference in your experience and outcome. After jumping into my first IVF round that failed, I learned that tis better to meet with several difference providers, process your choices, weigh the pros and cons, etc. I didn’t do this with my first IVF clinic (or my OB that missed my placenta previa).  With them, I simply trusted the good reviews around the web. Therefore, when we were lucky enough to finally be pregnant and the chance of a live birth was high, I made sure to meet with several different midwives before committing to one once I knew I wanted a home birth. I want to share my experience with our midwife so that anyone looking for a DFW midwife has the opportunity to meet with Lincey. I can’t say enough great things about how fantastic Lincey is. When we first started searching for a midwife, she was one of very few of many that I contacted that was prompt to reply, didn’t have a lot of issues with her site, etc. Just a very professional, easy first impression. After meeting with her, we were even more excited about moving forward with her. We were impressed with her background, personality, knowledge, and how the way she answered our questions aligned with what we were looking for.  Her prices were fair and we really liked that she offered home visits for exams and meetings. As a first time mom, I had no idea what to expect going into pregnancy and how I’d feel into the 3rd trimester when appointments were weekly and also was trying to avoid missing a ton of work, as this was an IVF baby and had already missed a lot to get to this point. When we first met, we found out that she would actually be out of town visiting family on my due date (Thanksgiving). Even knowing this, we still decided to go with her. She was able to find and arrange a meeting for a backup if she was gone and we felt very comfortable with who she found for that as well. 

Once we actually began receiving care from Lincey, there was no disappointment. She made things easy and comfortable.  About 3 weeks before my due date, I ended up having a bleed. She was easy to get ahold of when I called and text while I was paranoid about what could be happening. She remained calm and gave me the necessary information to make a logical and safe decision and helped me feel comfortable with those decisions. She was already at my house the very next morning checking everything out. Although everything appeared ok, she helped me fin a sonogram place that would take my insurance to double check on everything. Turned out that the OB I was seeing before Lincey missed a condition called complete placenta previa which required pretty urgent attention and C section. Lincey remained calm and had to transfer my care to an OB. She did all the leg work to find us the best solution possible and too a lot of the tress off of us. We were seeing a Doctor the very next day and Lincey was at the appointment, they scheduled us for a C section that night and Lincey stayed with us the whole day, for 12 hours while we waited, during surgery prep, the c section, and for several hours during recovery. She made a very disappointing situation (complete change of plans in a matter of 24 hours) as easy of a transition as possible. She also came to visit us a few days later in the hospital, sent several messages to check in with us and help, and was beyond fair in regards to what we were expecting with payment modifications. You can tell Lincey has a sincere passion for what she does and is excellent at it. Sad she didn’t get to deliver our little bundle of joy along with other aspects of delivery, but I know the important thing is that she’s here and healthy and if I were able to use Lincey again in the future, I would in a heartbeat. She made a huge positive impact with my first experience of a live birth pregnancy."  

58 (1).jpg
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