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I consider it a privilege to be able to serve families in the Dallas metroplex, especially the mommas, during their pregnancy and through the labor and birth of the newest family member. My service area includes a 2 hour radius from central Dallas. Pregnancy and natural childbirth is an innately natural and beautiful process. Because of this belief it is my desire to help families facilitate a natural and beautiful atmosphere, spiritually and physically, for their pregnancy and birth experience.


I approach prenatal care with a thorough, complete, and holistic mindset with each visit scheduled and organized according to the client’s needs. It is woman-centered holistic care, in which a trusting relationship is fostered between client and midwife. I offer in home prenatal care to my client's fostering a relaxed environment, this is especially great for my client's with other children.  


During the pregnancy, prenatal visits are scheduled monthly until the 28th week of pregnancy, then bi-weekly until 36 weeks of pregnancy, at which time weekly visits are scheduled until the baby arrives. While this is the standard schedule of visits, if at any time the client or midwife feels the need for more frequent prenatal visits this is always a possibility. At least an hr is allowed for each prenatal, providing the client opportunity to ask the midwife questions, listen to baby’s heartbeat, assess the baby’s growth, and ensure mom and baby are both doing well.


The foundation for a healthy pregnancy is diet/nutrition, exercise, and staying adequately hydrated. I integrate many natural practices into my midwifery care provided, including herbal supplements/tinctures, homeopathics, and essential oils. Ensuring that a client is doing well spiritually, emotionally, and physically is vitally important to me in helping my clients have a healthy pregnancy and beautiful birth.



HeartStrings Midwifery is a home birth based practice. If however a client desires to birth at a birthing center, I also maintain a status of “privileged midwife” at a birth center in the area. This provides the client with the option of birthing at a birth center.


The client will have access to me via phone, texting, email, etc at all times during her care and especially when the client is close to her due date. If for some reason I have to go out of town there will always be an experienced midwife available to back me up.


Getting ready for the baby to arrive is such a special time, but can also be a time full of questions and unknowns. One of the great advantages of midwifery care is the trusting relationship that has been fostered throughout the pregnancy and now is readily available to you during the birthing process. I will walk beside you as your labor begins and as you make the decision of “when to call the midwife.” Once labor is established,

I will come to your home and provide attentive and experienced care throughout labor and the immediate postpartum period.


As a support to you during labor, I will also be assessing you and baby at regular intervals to ensure that you are both healthy and safe. From my experience as a midwife I will be able to offer suggestions for pain management, effective laboring positions, and overall physical and emotional support.


Once the baby is born and snuggled safe and sound in its mother’s arms, I am able to observe from a distance and allow the new family to share its first few moments together. Before leaving the new family, I will asses the new baby from head to toe and ensure both baby and mom are stable and doing well.

The postpartum care with me continues well after the baby is born. I will return to your home within 24-48 hrs to check on mom and the new baby, answer any questions, and make sure things are going well. Subsequent visits will be scheduled through 6 weeks after the baby is born. 


It is my hope that relationships forged between myself and my clients go beyond the 6 week postpartum period. It is my desire to build lasting friendships with my clients as we walk through this life-changing experience together. 


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