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Testimonials Continued...

Emily V

baby feet 1.jpg

"Lincey was our midwife and helped deliver our beautiful son in the very early morning hours of January 31, 2015. This was our third child but our first out of hospital, midwife experience. We interviewed multiple midwives early on and knew immediately that Lincey would provide exceptional care and attention to us. We were right. Lincey was there for us every step of the way. She answered all of our questions honestly, eased our concerns and made us feel extremely comfortable every step of the way.  She respected our birth plan and worked with us to ensure that we had the tools and support we needed. She helped to educate us and was supportive of every decision we made along the way. 
The birth was a very quick one and involved Lincey jumping into the back of our car to deliver our baby the moment we pulled into the birthing center. She kept me, the husband, very calm during the whole process. She gave me the support and encouragement I needed to get my wife safely to the birthing center when labor was progressing much quicker then we anticipated.
I, Emily (wife and mama), was so thankful to have Lincey as our midwife throughout this experience.  She was the perfect person to walk this journey with us.  She was supportive, encouraging, and comforting-everything you want in your care provider!  She was definitely part of the family by the end.  When my labor started she listened to me, helped to keep me (and my husband) calm and walk me through the steps of a very fast labor and delivery (less than 2 hours).
Lincey was everything we could have wanted or imagined in a midwife.  Our last post-natal appointment was bitter sweet with lots of tears as our journey with Lincey was coming to a close (or pause until the next one).  Lincey still stays in touch with us today and she is definitely our first call when number four comes a knockin'."

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